Taking up space

“Where do you take space for writing?” begged the writing prompt. I had promised myself at the beginning of the month to journal more. I even paid for the advanced version of an online journal, thinking if I could type my journal entries, I might dedicate time to processing my thoughts. I really should know myself better by this point in my life; I do not always do what I know is important.

This morning, I actually opened the journal on my laptop, but then emails distracted me. Before I knew it, an hour had slipped by, and I had answered emails and moved onto reviewing teaching applicants in preparation for a meeting this morning. My journaling intentions had dissipated as quickly as my first cup of coffee.

When this week’s online writing community’s invitation popped up in my email, however, it gave me pause. Where do I take space for writing? Writing often occurs in my head, and the best pieces of my craft emerge when I am on my daily four-mile walk, listening to podcasts that affirm my untangling of myself, my journey of self-excavation. The passerby often glances at me nervously if they hear my verbalized comments to the podcast guest speaking in my ear.

Ideas swirl in my head, and often, they course through my veins, exciting me because words offered by someone else connect deeply with me or challenge me to think differently about myself – my experiences – my life passage. This unraveling of understanding takes space in my mind, and while many of these narratives never make it to the page, they occupy my thoughts, and ultimately, they nudge me closer to becoming a better version of myself.

I promise myself I’ll be better at journaling – at writing on my blog – at outlining and even writing a chapter of the book my mentees often encourage me to write, but the words I write in my mind’s eye are the words I need to digest. These are the words that take up the most space until they are absorbed by my heart – by my actions – by my reactions – by my vision for the future. #MakeRoomForJoy

I’m joining an open community of writers over at Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. If you write (or want to write) just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join us. #sosmagic

10 thoughts on “Taking up space

  1. Ruth’s prompt spoke to me this morning also. I connected to your words “Ideas swirl in my head, and often, they course through my veins…” and “This unraveling of understanding takes space in my mind.” Thank you for sharing.


  2. I love that in your mind you get visions for the future. I also have committed to writing my journal early… and I don’t even take a peek at email or my schedule until I’m finished. I try my best to forget I even have a phone in that early hour. I do also brainstorm mostly with me, myself and I.
    Thank you for your post, I delight in reading your writing. XO

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  3. It’s so easy to get distracted by other things, like emails, meetings, social media. Often, I dictate to my phone while I walk. It’s often funny what my phone thinks I said, but at least there are words going somewhere. We have to make the space for writing if we truly want it to be a part of our lives. Finding the space is a challenge, but once you do, honor it. Don’t give up. I’m glad you wrote today and shared your tangled up mind with us.

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  4. “I do not always do what I know is important.” That describes me so well. I know writing is important in so many ways – like “the unraveling of understanding” – but I fail to find the space to write on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing this today.


  5. I loved reading your reflection. I can relate to “writing often occurs in my head.” It may be hard to keep the intention to make space for writing. The important thing is that when we fail, we won’t stop and keep returning to writing, setting the intention again, taking action again.


  6. “…but the words I write in my mind’s eye are the words I need to digest..” Yes to this! I started carrying my notebook to try to record this kind of writing, but usually I can’t scramble to the page fast enough. This kind of writing percolates and eventually informs what gets to the page though.


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